Too much of anything is poisonous. When it comes to alcohol, consuming too much of it could lead to adverse effects on your health. If you are not an alcoholic, it will be easy to practise moderation and consume alcohol responsibly. Some of the resolutions you should observe include taking at least two standard drinks, drinking at the end of the day – mostly after work – and always avoid driving after drinking but take a taxi home instead.

This article will discuss healthy drinking habits that will ensure you enjoy your drinking for many years to come without negatively affecting your quality of life.

Avoid Drinking When Hungry

Before you start taking any alcohol, make sure you eat enough food. Drinking on an empty stomach often leads to more drinking than you might have anticipated. Also, try and take non-alcoholic drinks, mostly water, alternating them with alcoholic beverages. Again, drinking water before taking the alcoholic beverage will help you quench your thirst and you won’t overindulge in alcohol.

Avoid Heavy Drinking Occasions

You might recognise beforehand situations that might lead to heavy drinking. For example, have a night out with friends that you know very well drink responsibly. Try to avoid irresponsible drinkers at all costs because they make it difficult to stick to your plans of drinking responsibly.

Set Realistic Goals

Making decisions ahead of time on how to curb your bad drinking habits is a great way to achieve responsible drinking. You can decide to keep a journal on how often and how much you plan to drink every week. This will help you keep track of your drinking habits and make adjustments if needed.

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