Every country you visit has a particular alcoholic drink being sold and ordered by most of the customers in the local bars. The drinks are also served and consumed in large quantities, especially during social events, such as sporting activities.


In Mexico, Tequila is the most popular drink. It is made through the distillation of the blue agave plant widely grown in Jalisco state, Mexico. For any beverage to be labelled Tequila, it has to have its origin from Mexico. Mexico boasts of the international rights to the name Tequila.


The most common drink in the USA is Bourbon. Bourbon is made from aged grains that consist of at least 51% corn, such goes through fermentation. The drink can be enjoyed in very many different ways, including an old fashioned, a straight-up or hot toddy. The drink was invented in America, and it was named after Bourbon County, Kentucky.


Sparkling wine, commonly known as champagne is the most popular drink in France. It is produced mainly in France in a region known as Champagne. It goes through two rounds of the fermentation process, giving it an excellent taste. The first champagne was made by accident, and it was named ‘the devil’s wine.’ The drink has, over time, gained global recognition and is a popular feature in many celebrations.


In Spain, their signature drink is known as Sangria. This alcoholic cocktail is made from red wine, brandy and chopped fruits. Sangria got its name from the word ‘effin’, which means bloodletting. This is from the red colour it gets from the red wine. Sangria is a bit strong in alcohol content as compared to regular wine. The cocktail is delightful and bubbly; therefore, you might consume more than is recommended and get yourself overly drunk without noticing.


The most popular drink consumed in Italy is Grappa, which is made from stems, stalks and seeds of grapes and some leftovers found after the wine processing. It was initially produced in Northern Italy. Grappa has an alcohol content of between 35% and 60%, and it is generally sweet with a soured plum taste. The drink is said to be very handy when it comes to aiding digestion.

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