Bars are easily the most competitive businesses globally. Alcohol is getting widely accepted socially and culturally, and folks, young and old, are getting lured to the nightlife and partying. A lot of bars are popping up at every corner of the street. To stay in the business, you need to revamp your business strategies to get an edge and give life to the slow nights in the bar with the following ideas.

Happy Hours

It has been tried and tested, and the results are amazingly positive. No one would mind a discount on their favourite drink during the happy hours. You can use social media to pass the message around to as many patrons as possible.

Loyalty Programs

Rewarding loyal patrons is an excellent way of keeping them around and attracting more. Running loyalty programs encourages repeat business, which helps to grow your customer base.

Hosting Mixers

Single people tend to frequent bars. Hosting mixers where you allow people to come in to relax, drink and mingle with other singles is a great way to attract more patrons. Spreading the word on social media is an excellent way to ensure more young people are reached without using expensive means of advertisement.

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